What we do


Our Story

The Lipscombe love affair with fish & chips began way back in the early 1920s when Harold Lipscombe a miner, and his wife painstakingly saved all the money he earned from playing cricket for Accrington to move to Romford and buy their first ever fish and chip shop in early 1923.

Harold’s son John then took the business over in 1952, followed by his son Hugh in 1971 and Hugh is still our company chairman today. Hugh saw an opportunity to grow the business and expand to new locations and began to do so by opening his first new site in Potter Street Harlow in 1971.

Hugh made one of the company’s most defining decisions in 1981 when he jumped on a plane to Iceland on a mission to source the best quality cod and haddock for our customers. It was back then when the company’s special relationship with our Fishermen in Isafjordur began.

Our relationship with Kristian, Einar and the captain and crew of the Julius Germundsson is stronger now than ever before and we are delighted to be able to serve our customers what we believe to be the best fish quality sustainably sourced fish in the world.

Now Hugh and son James passionately explore ways to deliver even better fish and chips to their customers, as well as cultivating a healthy obsession with cricket! You can enjoy Fishnchickn’s expertly crafted fish and chips, in store, to take away, via our Click & Collect App or even have it delivered to your door!

Our Vision

We’re on a mission to put a smile on our customers faces through delicious memory-making food, quality ingredients and caring about the environment by serving sustainable fish and chips for generations to come!

“Nothing makes memories like fish and chips”

It connects us to each other in such a special way, bringing to life moments from our childhood and beyond. We think that the buying and eating of fish and chips should be a family affair, something passed down from generation to generation, something that enriches the everyday.

Our Food

Excellent fish and chips don’t just happen by accident, they are the result of our attention to detail, our commitment to always use the best ingredients
and the 98 years of experience that we put into ensuring every process and decision is right for our customers, our company and the environment.

*Our Fish*

After 40 years of working closely with the fishermen in Isafjordur we have developed a fishing process that locks in the freshness and quality of our
cod and haddock. We feel it is the best quality fish and on the market for our business.

We are the only UK fish and chip company that has developed a unique, direct supply relationship to the fishing vessels that catch for us. We visit
the vessel owner, captain and crew every year to continue to evolve quality and sustainability, which is something we are incredibly proud of.

Quality Ingredients

At Fish’n’Chick’n we use only the best quality bone-in barn-reared chickens from Red Tractor approved farms in Norfolk. All our pork and beef come from British Farms which comply with the Red Tractor Assurance welfare schemes.

Food freshly prepared in store

The British potatoes we use are always the highest quality available to us, we do not compromise on quality when it comes to our chips. We cut and fry our award-winning chips from seasonal potatoes, sourced from local farmers, fresh in store each day.
Our delicious, sustainably sourced Icelandic fish is also freshly cut by hand in store every day.

Sustainability & the Environment

Sustainability and protecting the planet for future generations, is incredibly important to us and something we take very seriously. We care about the environment we live in and want to make sure that, as a company, we are constantly finding new, innovative ways to reduce our impact on the world we live in.

*Fish Sustainability*

We are proud to source all our fish from sustainable sources and have been awarded the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries award for our commitment to sustainability. All the fish that we serve are rated ‘1’ or ‘2’ and feature in the ‘Best Choice’ list in the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide.


Our company innovated fully recyclable chip trays made from fully recyclable material which became industry leading, with other businesses in our industry using our tray design. Nearly all of our packaging is made from recycled material and is fully recyclable, we are aiming to be 100% in the near future.


We use sustainably sourced vegetable oil as well as striving to reduce our carbon usage by ensuring that all waste oil is collected, recycled and converted into biodiesel. We recycle our waste oil products into bio diesel and off-set not only our own carbon output but that of our customers’ travel to our stores.

We know we have a lot more to do but we are fully committed to achieving Net Zero emissions as fast as we possibly can!

Our Accreditations

Winner of “Best multiple fish and chip operator” at the 2016 National Fish & Chip Awards

(Churchill’s) British Takeaway Awards Finalists 2021: “Best Restaurant Chain in Britain”

Coeliac UK accredited – Customers can enjoy Gluten Free Mondays & Tuesdays at selected Churchill’s stores.

Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Certified – We are the only UK operator to be awarded the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries seal.


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